CrossFit 404 Train Team

We love our trainers.  They’re the backbone of CrossFit 404 and have the most tangible impact on your experience.  You don’t pay hard-earned money just to be watched during a workout.  404 Trainers are committed to providing strong motivation and intentional instruction to every single client in their quest to improve.  Plus, we think they’re pretty cool, too.


Giovanni Russo


Giovanni is a former U.S. Marine who has a passion for fitness and the extreme.  When he’s not teaching CrossFit or selling Atlanta real estate, you’ll find him strapped to a parachute, serving as a tandem instructor for first-time skydivers.  He also enjoys volunteering at Buckhead Church.  At CF404, Giovanni teaches regular group classes as well as OnRamp classes.

# Years CrossFitting:  4

Hometown:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alma Mater:  Florida State University

Favorite Movie:  Scarface

Favorite ATL restaurant:  Antico Pizza





Desiree “Des” Winburn


Desiree became passionate about  disciplined training and overcoming perceived limits when she was chosen as part of a select group of South African students to swim across the English Channel.  She recaptured this passion after discovering CrossFit, achieving both her Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certifications.

# Years CrossFitting: 7

Hometown:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Alma Mater:  Kennesaw State University

Favorite Movie:  GI Jane

Favorite ATL restaurant:  Bones





Mark Diffley 


Mark Diffley, a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, is also Certified Starting Strength Coach and USA Weightlifting  Coach.

# Years CrossFitting: 5

Hometown:  Schaumburg, Illinois

Alma Mater:  Bradley University

Favorite Movie:  Top Gun

Favorite ATL restaurant: Panita Thai Kitchen






Josh “Schu” Schumacher


After becoming overweight and out of shape post-college, Josh followed a friend’s recommendation and tried out CrossFit.  Despite feeling unknowledgeable and out-of-place in the classes, he stuck with it, ultimately achieving the fittest stage of his life.  An avid traveler, Josh obtained his Level 1 certification so that he could help others discover that they, too, can achieve far more than what they believe.

# Years CrossFitting: 5

Hometown:  Harvard, Illinois

Alma Mater:  Georgia State University

Favorite Movie:  The Motorcycle Diaries

Favorite ATL restaurant:  Barcelona



Jessika Alexander

Image 1


Jessika’s passion for life and for CrossFit are evident in her coaching.  Her goal is to help people get better every day!

Number of Years CrossFitting:  2

Hometown:  ATL

Favorite Movie:  Lion King

Favorite Restaurant:  Daddy D’s


Sean Boyd 

ImageSean’s  goal in being a CF Coach is to create a safe environment and build an energized community where athletes come together and develop long lasting relationships through pushing each other to achieve their individual fitness goals.

# Years CrossFitting: 2.5

Hometown: All over the world

Alma Mater:  Fort Lewis College

Favorite Restaurant: Zoe’s Kitchen

Favorite Movie: Any of the Fast & Furious flicks





Michele Logan


Michele holds both her Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting certifications.

# Years CrossFitting: 4

Hometown:  South Bend, Indiana

Alma Mater:  University of Georgia

Favorite Movie:  Wedding Crashers

Favorite ATL restaurant:  Cardamom Hill


Nicole Corey



Growing up as a competitive gymnast and weightlifter, CrossFit couldn’t have been a better fit in her life. After going off to college at Georgia Tech and dialing down all of her competitive sports, CrossFit served as the perfect replacement to feed her competitive nature. When she isn’t coaching, you will find her training with CF Atl’s A-Team or serving as President of Georgia Tech’s Gymnastics.  Her favorite thing about coaching is being able to say the magic words in order to help someone achieve something that they physically were unable to do the moment before.  To her, this is the most rewarding aspect of coaching that she discovered years ago teaching gymnastics.

Number of years CrossFitting: 3

Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Alma Mater (almost): Georgia Tech

Favorite Movie: Stick It

Favorite Restaurant: Urban Pl8





Kristin Brown


Kristin holds both the CrossFit Level 1 and Gymnastics certifications.  Her athletic background prior to CrossFit includes competitive gymnastics and cheerleading at the University of Texas.

# Years CrossFitting: 3

Hometown:  Houston, Texas

Alma Mater:  University of Texas

Favorite Movie:  Grease

Favorite ATL restaurant:  Two Urban Licks





In Memory  of Jason Crowley



# Years CrossFitting: 3

Hometown:  Orlando, Florida

Alma Mater:  Auburn University

Favorite Movie:  Zoolander

Favorite ATL restaurant:  JCT Kitchen












Coaches change lives





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