TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017


NEW 8AM CLASS BEGINS TODAY – Every weekday, 8am WOD














SKILL: Kipping/Butterfly Pull-Ups

8 Minute EMOM

6-10 Pull-Ups

*for those who do not yet have a strict pull up, alternate minutes odd – 10 Kips, even – 5-8 Ring Rows


WOD: 4 Rounds for time –

400m Run

3 Sets of 2 Power Cleans (185/135)

1 Rope Climb

Spirit of the WOD – Make sure to consider this workout in the big picture. The workout contains 24 heavy Power Cleans, 12 Rope Climbs and a 1 Mile Run. Plan to scale movement or weight if necessary based on the rep totals.


AFTER PARTY: Rollout Traps w/ Racked Barbell


***404 Foundations Class @ 8:30PM***

12 Minute AMRAP

10 Push Jerk

30 Double Unders


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