404 Mobility Night by Athletes’ Potential, Tonight @ 7:30pm – Come out for an hour of lower back and hip mobility with Dr. Jackie from Athletes’ Potential. This will be an interactive 60 minutes of movement, Q&A and lessons to take home! There will be no 7:30p WOD in lieu of Mobility Night.


SKILL: Pistols

10 Candlesticks

10 Pistols off a Box

10 Pistols


WOD: ‘Sticky Fingers’

5 Rounds of the following –

Every 4 Minutes…

Run 400m, and use the remainder of the time to complete as many Toes to Bar as possible

*Score is total number of Toes to Bar. Reps must be completed in 3 sets or less.

Spirit of the WOD – The focus of this workout are the sets of Toes to Bar. Choose a movement that will allow for at least 5 reps each time you are hanging from the bar. Use the runs as an active recovery for the shoulders and hands.


AFTER PARTY: A) Peg Board Practice B) 5 Rope Climbs or C) Practice Rope Climb holds and ascents/descents


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